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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

Testimonies // 16 Sep, 2020

Lebanon 40 days after the blast, still fighting trauma..

Survivor of the Beirut blast, Dalal recalls the explosion in her shattered home where she lives with her husband, near the port. Sitting before what was once a window, Dalal relives the moment of the explosion: “I was screaming. My husband’s nephew was stuck under a door. There’s no way I can get this scene […]

Testimonies // 02 Feb, 2020

Lebanon A Mental Health & Substance Use Community Center provides free psychosocial support services in Baalbeck

In the framework of the AFD (Agence francaise de Développement) project “Improving Mental Health and Well-being of people living in Lebanon”, the Community Mental Health & Substance Use Center; run by Médecins du Monde (MdM) and Skoun, opened its doors in Baalbeck last July to serve a large community in need of mental health and substance use services.

Testimonies // 19 Jun, 2019

Palestine Muzian abu Znaid – The portrait of a life-long refugee

Born in Jerusalem, Muzian has always thought of herself as a refugee. She was married in 1955 in Duraa, South Hebron Hills and moved to Jerusalem to live in Mu’askar, a camp established for 1948 refugees in what today is the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. There, she had eight children, but only five survived.

Testimonies // 19 Dec, 2018

Iraq Mother and child, a new chance in life

In August 2014, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant/ al-Sham) attacked Sinjar, targeting the Yezidi community. ISIS started executing men and abducting thousands of people, mainly women and children. One of the abducted families included an aged father and mother and an 8 year-old boy. Once abducted, ISIS members took the father away […]

Testimonies // 29 Nov, 2018

Iraq Interview with Dr. Edmun Rabban, Médecins du Monde Health Program Coordinator – Dohuk (Iraq)

Dr. Edmun Rabban is a medical doctor who has been working with Médecins du Monde (MdM) since November 2014. He began as the Team Leader of MdM’s first mobile clinic, and later took up the positions of Medical Supervisor in March 2015 and Medical Manager in August 2016. He is currently working as a Health Program Coordinator since November 2017.

Testimonies // 09 Nov, 2018

Lebanon 2 years and a lifetime ago…

“Little by little, the roads of Bekaa started to have their own identity, his growing hope made the days less blurry. He understood the importance of taking care of his Mental Health.” Testimony of Jad, Syrian Refugee in Lebanon.

Testimonies // 16 Oct, 2018

Iraq Our conditions for returning home? – A safe and humane environment, with access to basic needs and services

Forced to flee their village in Sinjar, Ismael and Zere sought refuge in Chamesku camp, the largest Internally Displaced Persons camp in Northern Iraq. It is mostly inhabited by the Yezidi community, who have been particularly targeted by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant/ al-Sham).

Testimonies // 30 Aug, 2018

Iraq Forgetting the atrocities we experienced is impossible

Shames and Shirin have been living in Chamesko camp, Northern Iraq, for four years. They are part of the Yezidi community who were forced to flee the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant/ al-Sham) in 2014.

Testimonies // 28 Jun, 2018

Syria Syria: Medical staff mobilizing all efforts to address medical needs of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Dera’a governorate

It has been one week since the commencement of the military offensive in Dera’a governorate, which has led to a massive wave of displaced civilians. Health center staff, supported by Médecins du Monde, are continuing their immense…

Testimonies // 14 May, 2018

Lebanon Voices from the field: Amany Houchaimi

Amany Houchaimi, is a 24-year-old senior case manager who has been working with MdM – Lebanon Mission since 2015. She is part of the mental health team working with Syrian refugees and the Lebanese community. A case manager performs intake interviews to get a better understanding of beneficiary’s challenges and then assists in connecting with […]

Testimonies // 29 Jan, 2018

Lebanon Voices from the field: Noelle Jouan

Noelle is the mental health manager of the Lebanon Mission, and has been with MdM for almost five years. She started off as a psychologist in the field, working with Syrian Refugees in the Bekaa.

Testimonies // 24 Nov, 2017

Lebanon Nada

She dreamed to learn piano, she loved the way the music notes could speak to a person’s soul… She believed in another version of reality, a reality far from the sound of war… far from the reality she had to crash in suddenly.