Mass population displacements throughout Iraq have put the country into an emergency situation. Although combat operations against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has officially ended in December 2017, insurgent groups are still active in certain areas of Iraq.

Public services are overwhelmed and under tremendous strain. The health system and access to health facilities are further compromised by insecurity in many areas, putting at risk both host and displaced communities. Access to primary healthcare is reported to be one of the top priorities for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and those who are returning to their areas of origin after the ISIL defeat, as well as for host population in areas where Primary Health Care Centres are overcrowded or depleted by lack of resources (medical staff, medical supplies…).


Our response

In Iraq, MdM provides primary healthcare services and mental health support to displaced persons and host communities, particularly the most vulnerable individuals in IDP camps and communities.

MdM is currently working with health authorities to go beyond an intervention strategy based on mobile clinics and provide support to health facilities, in close coordination with Directorates of Health at district and governorate levels.

In Dohuk Governorate, MdM supports the PHCC of the most inhabited IDP camp in the governorate (Chameshku camp – hosting 27,400 individuals). In Ninewa governorate, MdM is transiting from managing two mobile clinics to supporting four PHCCs. In Kirkuk governorate, MdM is running mobile clinics in a camp and PHCCs and is planning to bolster a PHCC in Hawija district with rehabilitation, equipment drugs and trainings.

Medical consultations and essential medication for both adults and children are available. The PHC package that MdM provides includes comprehensive SRH services that specifically target women and adolescent girls with antenatal and post-natal care as well as family planning services. MHPSS group and individual sessions are held in each medical mobile unit. Beneficiaries who present symptoms / mental health disorder or who express a need of mental health support are referred by the medical doctors to the mental health teams for individual counselling or group sessions.


Current Partners

  • Directorate of Health Ninewa governorate
  • Directorate of Health Dohuk governorate
  • Directorate of Health Kirkuk governorate
  • Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA-local Iraqi NGO)

Current Donors