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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

Campaigns // 10 Oct, 2019

Lebanon Mental Health Day 2019

As a partner of Lebanon’s National Campaign for Mental Health in the workplace, here’s the message from Médecins du Monde (Lebanon Mission) on World Mental Health Day. Make the workplace a welcoming place for everyone!

Campaigns // 14 May, 2018

Iraq Waste Management Awareness Campaign

On February 28th 2018, the Iraqi government revoked the garbage disposal contracts for Kirkuk city. In March 2018, the accumulation of garbage and waste in different areas of Kirkuk became flagrant and MdM identified it as a public health threat. MdM, taking into account its priority thematic area of “Health in Harmful environments for working […]

Campaigns // 29 Jun, 2017

Targets of the World

International humanitarian law is being flouted on a daily basis. In areas that are suffering, doctors and nursing staff are now being targeted. This is despite the fact that on 3 May 2016, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution strongly condemning acts of violence, attacks and threats directed at ill and injured patients, nursing staff, […]

Campaigns // 23 Apr, 2013

A Call to Syria: Today, only bombs have access to civilians.

The humanitarian situation in Syria is worsening by the minute. The acts of violence perpetrated against civilians are intolerable. The numbers are terrifying: 70,000 people killed, 1 million refugees and 2 million people internally displaced. Summary executions, civilian populations held hostage and bombed, healthcare providers arrested, tortured and executed. There is nowhere left to run […]