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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

Publications // 23 Sep, 2021

Lebanon Détresse émotionnelle, précarité, insécurité alimentaire: sur le terrain, voici ce que vivent les Libanais

Un an après, les équipes de Médecins du Monde assistent au développement d’une vraie crise humanitaire. Le 4 août 2020, l’explosion du port de Beyrouth a ajouté une nouvelle catastrophe dans un pays déjà en proie à une crise sociale et économique majeure. Dans les jours suivants, Médecins du Monde a adapté son offre de soins, en urgence, pour […]

Publications // 23 Sep, 2021

Lebanon À l’hôpital Rafic Hariri, un centre communautaire pour la santé mentale unique en son genre

Article par L’Orient Le-Jour :  

Testimonies // 16 Sep, 2020

Lebanon 40 days after the blast, still fighting trauma..

Survivor of the Beirut blast, Dalal recalls the explosion in her shattered home where she lives with her husband, near the port. Sitting before what was once a window, Dalal relives the moment of the explosion: “I was screaming. My husband’s nephew was stuck under a door. There’s no way I can get this scene […]

Joint press releases // 04 May, 2020

Lebanon Researchers Develop New Guidance for the Delivery of Psychological Therapy to Children by Phone

Psychologists from Queen Mary University of London, American University of Beirut, Médecins du Monde and John Hopkins University, have created a free online resource for mental health services now looking to deliver psychological therapy remotely to children amid the current Covid-19 pandemic. The guidance document draws on the researchers’ experience adapting an existing psychological treatment […]

Testimonies // 02 Feb, 2020

Lebanon A Mental Health & Substance Use Community Center provides free psychosocial support services in Baalbeck

In the framework of the AFD (Agence francaise de Développement) project “Improving Mental Health and Well-being of people living in Lebanon”, the Community Mental Health & Substance Use Center; run by Médecins du Monde (MdM) and Skoun, opened its doors in Baalbeck last July to serve a large community in need of mental health and substance use services.

Joint press releases // 16 Oct, 2019

Syria The Syria INGO Regional Forum statement on impact of military developments on the civilian population in northeast Syria

The Syria INGO Regional Forum, comprising 73 INGOs responding to the Syria crisis, expressed deep concern at the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation since Turkey’s military operation started on the 9 October. The UN estimates that more than 200,000 people have been displaced, and is planning to support up to 400,000 people with assistance and protection in the coming period.

Joint press releases // 14 Oct, 2019

Syria 15 aid agencies warn of humanitarian crisis in North-East Syria

Civilians in north-east Syria are at risk and humanitarian aid could be cut off following the launch of a new military operation in the area, leading aid agencies are warning.

Campaigns // 10 Oct, 2019

Lebanon Mental Health Day 2019

As a partner of Lebanon’s National Campaign for Mental Health in the workplace, here’s the message from Médecins du Monde (Lebanon Mission) on World Mental Health Day. Make the workplace a welcoming place for everyone!

Joint press releases // 04 Sep, 2019

Yemen INGO statement on attacks in Dhamar that killed and injured scores of people

International non-governmental organisations working in Yemen strongly condemn a series of attacks by the Saudi-led coalition on a former community college that has lately been used as a detention facility in Dhamar city.

MdM press releases // 20 Aug, 2019

Lebanon Inauguration ceremony of Aley Healthcare Center for the “Druze Women Association” in Lebanon

The inauguration ceremony of Aley Healthcare Center for the “Druze Women Association” was held on the 8th of August 2019.

Publications // 08 Jul, 2019

Middle East Annual Report: Syrian/ Iraqi Crises 2018

MdM’s regional annual booklet is out now, and includes a review of our missions, activities and figures in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq for 2018. Available here

Testimonies // 19 Jun, 2019

Palestine Muzian abu Znaid – The portrait of a life-long refugee

Born in Jerusalem, Muzian has always thought of herself as a refugee. She was married in 1955 in Duraa, South Hebron Hills and moved to Jerusalem to live in Mu’askar, a camp established for 1948 refugees in what today is the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. There, she had eight children, but only five survived.