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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

Testimonies // 30 Oct, 2017

Voices from the field

In Turkey, due to the difficulty to get a legal status, economic problems, language and cultural barriers, certain Syrian refugees face difficulties in accessing health facilities and other public services. In order to improve access to the relevant services, and therefore their integration into the Turkish public system, Dunya Doktorlari (DDD) case managers help the […]

Testimonies // 06 Jul, 2017

PALESTINE | Living under occupation (2/2)

IN GAZA, THE BLOCKADE KILLS AND MAIMS One of the worst consequences of the blockade is the generally poor health of the population. The problem is manifest in many ways, beginning with material shortages. With frequent power outages, medical technology – x-ray equipment, for example – operates below capacity. Even where generators are available, they are unable […]

Testimonies // 06 Jul, 2017

PALESTINE | Living under occupation (1/2)

For 50 years, the people of Palestine have lived under Israeli occupation. In the Gaza Strip, the violence, humiliation and human rights violations they have to endure on a daily basis are compounded by a blockade which for the last 10 years has been slowly asphyxiating the territory and its population. Milestones like these mark the suffering […]

Testimonies // 14 Dec, 2015

“We need this training in the border area. The situation is intense there.”

MdM first-aid emergency training: news from Gaza Mustafa Abu Hjier is 38 years old. He is the Executive director of a Youth Development center in Juhor ad Dik, a village in the central area of Gaza, near the border with Israel. He is married with two children. Beginning of 2014, he received a 2 weeks […]

Testimonies // 16 Oct, 2015

Tamer S. ABUJAME – Emergency Doctor – MdM in Palestine/Gaza

Meet Tamer, Our emergency doctor in Palestine/Gaza  What do you do with MdM? I work on emergencies, at many levels: from the Primary Health care centers to the hospitals and the Ministry of Health, to reinforce the procedure, the staff, and ultimately improve the response to any man-made or natural disaster and crisis. What keeps […]

Testimonies // 12 Aug, 2015

Burried in Life

To understand the extent of the trauma caused by house demolitions, you should start by acknowledging the love and connection of the people for their land and home, for the hills and valleys where they grew up, for the land they identified with roots of their families and culture, the history of their parents and […]

Testimonies // 11 Aug, 2015

Bedwetting stories

Children and youth are amongst the most vulnerable populations in war crisis. At a critical age development, they process and incorporate violence and trauma in different ways. Many memories from the Syrian civil war still haunt them wherever they go…This reminds us that the effect of war reverberates long after the bullets and bombs are […]

Testimonies // 03 Jul, 2015

The little girl behind the window

Testimony from the field from our social worker Reem Al-Nakshabandi  in Zaatari camp, Jordan      Being a social worker in Zaatari camp in Jordan, is not simply a job you wake up to every day. For me, it is the art of being close to the people, the art of building trust in order […]

Testimonies // 23 Dec, 2014

“My son was staring at me while I was burning.” Samer

Domestic accidents can have serious consequences on individuals and families. Such consequences can be exacerbated by the situation and the environment of the victims: how can a person with no financial means pay the required treatment? For Samer, the question was more like: how will I now provide for my family? In one of the […]

Testimonies // 03 Dec, 2014

Emergency in Iraq: “It is very worrying that winter is coming.”

Testimony of Manuel Torres Lara, medical coordinator of Médecins du Monde emergency programme in Iraq  Since the beginning of the year the fighting affecting the northern and western parts of the country has driven 1.9 million Iraqis to leave their homes and among them 900,000 went to Kurdistan. Most of these people seek to escape […]

Testimonies // 11 Nov, 2014

Drawings in therapy: a communication tool when words cannot be pronounced

The use of drawings is widespread among mental health practitioners. Psychologists working for MdM are no exception: they often use this creative activity as a tool in their therapy with children. The resort to drawings is a component of what is called art therapy: a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary […]

Testimonies // 12 Sep, 2014

Healing with humanity: What more can we do ?

Interview Aline Keyrouz, a 28-year-old Lebanese nurse, talks about her work for Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde (MdM) Ever since her childhood, Aline Keyrouz has wanted to be a nurse like her mother. Concerned for others, she wanted to heal children in Africa. Her dream became partially true when she graduated from the faculty […]