Waste Management Awareness Campaign News

Waste Management Awareness Campaign

Waste Management Awareness Campaign

On February 28th 2018, the Iraqi government revoked the garbage disposal contracts for Kirkuk city. In March 2018, the accumulation of garbage and waste in different areas of Kirkuk became flagrant and MdM identified it as a public health threat. MdM, taking into account its priority thematic area of “Health in Harmful environments for working or living”, identified the need to raise awareness on the waste management issue at community level but also to coordinate possible solutions with local authorities at local and district level.

From March 25th 2018, MdM started a Waste Management Awareness Campaign in Kirkuk city, in particular in Al Mansiya neighborhood where around 30 000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host community members go on about their daily lives.

MdM used social worker and community health volunteer mobile teams. MdM’s teams proceeded with outreach activities and a door-to-door awareness raising campaign in order to inform on the dangers on health due to an absence of waste management. MdM’s grassroot advocacy initiative allowed MdM to be seen as a legitimate stakeholder on the issues raised with local, district and governorate authorities.

On April 22nd 2018, Kirkuk city municipality reactivated a limited municipal waste management service. However, a long lasting agreement on the waste management issue has not been reached between the different stakeholders. MdM will continue to monitor the situation and raise issues to the competent actors. MdM is prepared for any other needed intervention by MdM teams on the ground in order to improve the living conditions of affected communities in Kirkuk.