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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

Testimonies // 29 Aug, 2014

Women’s voices from Lebanon: Soraya

Each country has its own cultures and traditions. To an external eye, these traditions can look exotic and appealing and for some, they can be perceived as negative or incomprehensible. However, whatever one’s view on them, some traditions can make life tough on women. Soraya[1] is a 54-year old Lebanese woman who comes from a […]

Testimonies // 18 Jul, 2014

Women’s voices from Lebanon: Zineb

Choosing how many children one wants to have and when, to use contraceptives, and knowing more about different methods are rights of all women. These rights, promoted through family planning, have become common reality for many women in Lebanon, but not to all of them. Zineb[1] is a 20-year-old Syrian woman from Qalamoun. Forced to flee […]

Testimonies // 16 May, 2014

Women’s voices from Lebanon: Asma

In March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Amel International and MdM were pointing out that women living in Lebanon are not equal in their access to safe delivery and family planning. To raise awareness among the public as well as policy-makers and international donors on this major issue, Amel Association and MdM collect […]

Testimonies // 16 Dec, 2013

Mareeam: Syrian, pharmacist, mother

Once a young pharmacist based in Damascus, Mareeam has been working with MdM teams in Northern Syria for more than a year now. Just like most of her Syrian colleagues, working for MdM is her way of fighting against the unprecedented crisis that is affecting her country hoping this can alleviate some of the suffering […]

Testimonies // 05 Nov, 2013

Caring through talking – An MdM psychologist reflects on her experience with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

In the primary healthcare centres supported by MdM in Lebanon, many Syrian refugees report psychosomatic complaints, which require specific care that cannot be provided by general practitioners. Given this situation, MdM strengthened the medical teams in the healthcare centres to include psychologists. Noëlle Jouan is one of them. Since August 2013, she has been offering […]