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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

MdM press releases // 22 Jul, 2014

Doctors of the World calls for an immediate halt to the bombing in Gaza to allow humanitarian aid to be deployed and civilians treated

With Israel increasing military operations, urgent humanitarian aid is unable to be deployed in Gaza. Several consignments of medical products – delivered by Doctors of the World (MdM) and reserved for health centers with zero stock – have been blocked. Sunday, July the 20th was one of the most deadly days since the launch of […]

MdM press releases // 18 Jul, 2014

Silent Crisis: the hidden threat of mental illness among Syria’s refugees

Words and pictures by Nick Rice Losing a home is more than a spatial separation; the emotional wrench can result in severe psychological consequences. The war in Syria has killed more than 150,000 people in three years and 40 per cent of Syria’s pre-war population of 23 million have fled their homes. For the millions […]

Testimonies // 18 Jul, 2014

Women’s voices from Lebanon: Zineb

Choosing how many children one wants to have and when, to use contraceptives, and knowing more about different methods are rights of all women. These rights, promoted through family planning, have become common reality for many women in Lebanon, but not to all of them. Zineb[1] is a 20-year-old Syrian woman from Qalamoun. Forced to flee […]

MdM press releases // 17 Jul, 2014

Médecins du Monde strengthens its intervention in the Gaza strip

Continued Israeli military operations are damaging the Palestinian healthcare system and restricting access to humanitarian aid. As the sanitary situation gets more critical with every passing day, Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) is strengthening its medical assistance to the civil population. After ten days of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, the toll […]

Joint press releases // 17 Jul, 2014

NGOs welcome unprecedented step towards increased aid in Syria

This week’s United Nations Security Council resolution, which directly authorizes UN agencies and their implementing partners to deliver aid across Syria’s borders and conflict lines, is a welcome and unprecedented further step towards ensuring millions of people in Syria get the humanitarian assistance they desperately need. The consensus shown by the Security Council in passing […]

Joint press releases // 16 Jul, 2014

41 organizations warn of Palestinian health sector crisis

Continued military operations are compounding a health care crisis in Gaza, with hospitals ill-prepared to meet the critical needs arising from a wide-scale emergency right now. The signatory organizations are calling for an immediate ceasefire, noting that all parties must respect international humanitarian law and abide by their obligations to protect civilians from harm. During […]

Joint press releases // 11 Jul, 2014

Palestine Gaza: 37 organizations call for a ceasefire and sustained solution towards peace

Military actions by all parties must stop. Since 2009, history has shown that military operations have failed to bring peace and security for people in Gaza and in Israel. Over the years we have repeatedly called for ceasefires and for all sides to protect civilians from harm. Sadly, these ceasefires have not lasted and we […]

Joint press releases // 23 Jun, 2014

Lebanon: Syria Refugee Crisis pushing Lebanon to take extreme steps, aid agencies warn

The Syria refugee crisis is pushing Lebanon to take extreme steps, more than 20 humanitarian agencies warned today. Since 3 May 2014 there have been increasing reports of refugees experiencing difficulties in maintaining legal residence in Lebanon, and entry for Palestinian refugees from Syria seeking safety and protection in Lebanon has all but ceased. On […]

// 30 May, 2014

The Guardian – ‘We left when the bullets were falling like rain’ – Syrian refugees’ illustrated stories

Article written by George Butler, a reportage illustrator, who tours around the world and paints evocative life stories. This article was published in the Guardian on the 27th of May,2014. Earlier this year, artist George Butler spent several days in the refugees’ ‘tented settlements’ of northern Lebanon. His portraits of the people – and the often random […]

Testimonies // 16 May, 2014

Women’s voices from Lebanon: Asma

In March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Amel International and MdM were pointing out that women living in Lebanon are not equal in their access to safe delivery and family planning. To raise awareness among the public as well as policy-makers and international donors on this major issue, Amel Association and MdM collect […]

MdM press releases // 30 Apr, 2014

Syria: MdM outraged by the deadly bombing on Qah village

On Sunday 27th April, an airstrike on the Syrian village of Qah in the Idlib region hit a school. Three people died (including two children) and eleven others were injured. Injured people have been treated in the closest hospitals. Some of these facilities are supported by MdM. One of MdM warehouses was also hit and […]

MdM press releases // 25 Apr, 2014

Patients potentially exposed to chemical agents arriving in Syrian hospitals is worrying MdM.

Since Monday 21st April, one of the Syrian hospitals supported by MdM in Idlib near the Syrian-Turkish border has received nine patients presenting symptoms which could be a result of exposure to chlorine gas. According to a Syrian medical organization, which manages the hospital, which is an MdM partner, the patients presented with acute respiratory […]