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AIDA – Media Release : Khan El Ahmar

March 13, 2017

A Palestinian Bedouin community is at imminent risk of forcible transfer, a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, if the Israeli government acts on military orders to demolish an entire village in the Occupied West Bank, as early as


Syria - Zein el Rifaii

MdM in Syria

Since October 2012, MdM works with Syrian nurses and doctors to provide healthcare services -including primary healthcare (PHC) and basic sexual and reproductive health services (SRH), post-partum services and referral to MdM-supported facilities for free deliveries and C-sections- in camps for displaced Syrians in the North Idlib area.

MdM- Guillaume Pinon - Lebanon Kamd el Loz center

MdM in Lebanon

The health care centers MdM currently supports were created years before the Syria crisis to meet the medical needs of vulnerable Lebanese communities. Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, they have been overwhelmed by the massive influx of refugees in Lebanon and required support.

28_Camille Gazeau_Ramtha

MdM in Jordan

MdM provides medical assistance and psychological health care to the refugees, through two primary health care centers, in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Health. One primary health care center is located in Zaatari camp, and another one is located in Ramtha.


Salle de reeducation,

MdM in Turkey

MdM provides medical relief to Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey through direct support to health facilities and implementing partners. MdM supports a post-operative and rehabilitation center at the Syrian-Turkish border which follows up with patients operated elsewhere for trauma injuries.

Camp Chamisku, Day 1, Zakho, Docteur Ghazwa Breassam, consultation, apres-midi

MdM in Iraq

MdM aims to help reduce the morbidity and mortality rates of the most vulnerable refugees displaced by the recent conflicts in Iraq. Our teams in Iraq provide curative and preventive healthcare (primary healthcare) to displaced persons, particularly for the most vulnerable individuals in IDP camps and communities.


MdM in Palestine

MdM is implementing health programmes in the Northern West Bank since 1999 and in the Gaza strip since 2002. The increasingly recurrent violent acts of settlers in the West Bank and Israeli military operations  continues to negatively impact the well-being of Palestinian populations.

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