Medical and Humanitarian organizations use Three Billboards to call on UN to stop violence in Syria

February 22, 2018

A coalition of medical and humanitarian organizations, some working inside besieged Eastern Ghouta, have urged the United Nations Security Council to vote for an immediate cessation of hostilities to allow urgent humanitarian assistance to all areas in need in Syria.


MdM in Syria

In Syria, MdM response aims at improving access to primary and secondary healthcare for the population affected by the conflict. In order to do so, MdM has set up several health facilities and supports pre-existing health facilities.


MdM in Lebanon

MdM’s intervention in Lebanon aims at strengthening the national primary healthcare system and at increasing access to quality primary healthcare for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese. MdM works in the Bekaa valley: in Zahle, Kamed El Loz, El Ain, El Qaa, Qab Elias.

MdM in Jordan

MdM stopped operating in Jordan in 2016.

MdM in Turkey

In Turkey, the response aims at ensuring that refugees and migrants have access to the health services they need. MdM supports health facilities in Istanbul and Reyhanli (Hatay). In 2016, MdM also supported facilities in Diyarbakir, Batman and Izmir.

MdM in Iraq

MdM works in IDPs camps, urban and rural settings in Dohuk and Kirkuk Governorates. In 2016, MdM expanded its intervention to Ninewa Governorate in order to prepare the medical teams for a rapid and effective response to the needs of the people fleeing Mosul.

MdM in Palestine

MdM is implementing health programmes in the Northern West Bank since 1999 and in the Gaza strip since 2002. The increasingly recurrent violent acts of settlers in the West Bank and Israeli military operations  continues to negatively impact the well-being of Palestinian populations.

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