Symbolic action for Syria – March 2018 News

Symbolic action for Syria – March 2018

Symbolic action for Syria – March 2018

On March 19th 2018, MdM France and the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) joined forces to show their support to health professionals in Syria. A photo operation was organized in Place de la République in Paris. Today, the situation in Syria is still dramatic and both charities have decided to stand together to ask for: Immediate evacuation of the injured and access to civilians in Syria.

“More than 400,000 dead and 5 million displaced

7 years of darkness and mass murder

7 years of horror and war crimes made commonplace

7 years of anguish for an entire people

7 years of brutality

7 years of civilians besieged, starved and bombed without respite

7 years of international community impotence

7 years and more than 800 health carers killed on Syrian soil

7 years of failure by international conflict-resolution mechanisms

7 years of International Humanitarian Law trampled underfoot

7 years of medical facilities bombed and more than 800 health carers killed

We demand unconditional access to all Syrian territory to deliver humanitarian aid unhindered

We demand immediate protection for all civilians

We demand an immediate halt to military operations to allow delivery of medical aid and evacuation of the wounded

We demand urgent diplomatic solutions to re-establish peace

We demand strong political action and not fine words

We will not stand by as Syria is destroyed.”