MdM reinforces its presence in Syria in extreme conditions News

MdM reinforces its presence in Syria in extreme conditions

MdM reinforces its presence in Syria in extreme conditions

As the situation steadily worsens two years into the Syrian conflict, MdM is reinforcing its local activities in a situation of extreme emergency.

Following the recent attacks on civilians in Damascus, MdM is adjusting its aid to best address glaring needs.

Syria’s terrible sanitary situation for the past two years has also caused urgent medical needs.

Before October 2012, MdM worked with Syrian refugees in bordering countries. Since then, MdM has reinforced its activities inside the country to offer direct primary healthcare to the Syrian people. Today, nine MdM primary healthcare structures are up and running inside Syria with 50 professionals providing care.     

As access to civilians worsens, MdM has developed its network of partners working directly in most conflict zones. Working hand in hand with seven Syrian associations, MdM’s financial and material aid has increased threefold over the last year.

MdM is ready for any new escalation of the conflict. Emergency medical stocks (kits for primary healthcare, surgery, caesarean and decontamination) are ready to help civilians as early as possible.

With more than 100,000 casualties, countless people injured, 1.8 million refugees and 4 million internally displaced people, the numbers keep soaring in Syria.  

MdM reminds the international community that whatever its future initiatives, only an urgent ceasefire will guarantee access to all those populations in distress.