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Syria: No hospital left in eastern Aleppo. Medical evacuation not allowed

November 22, 2016

All hospitals in eastern Aleppo are out of service after days of continuous air strikes. 250,000 people are deprived from life-saving care, and yet medical evacuation is not allowed.
Earlier in October, parties to the conflict failed to agree on how the medical evacuation from east Aleppo should proceed. As the situation deteriorated, UN said on Saturday it has shared a new plan for medical evacuation.
MdM expresses its indignation and recalls the parties to the conflict their obligation under international humanitarian law. 
Parties to the conflict have the duty to search for, collect, and evacuate the wounded and sick. Withholding consent to medical evacuation operation is a violation of international humanitarian law. 
The safety of the patients, medical staff and aid workers involved in evacuation must be guaranteed.
Medical evacuation must be based on medical consideration only, and cannot be based on grounds such as age, sex, citizenship, ethnicity, religion, or affiliation with a party to the conflict. Each patient should have an equal chance of being evacuated.

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