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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

MdM press releases // 14 Mar, 2018

Syria Syrian Crisis: Seven years of impunity

This year 15 March marks seven years of war in Syria: the parties to the conflict, together with their allies, are killing with complete impunity, while the international community flounders impotently. So much has already been said about the scale of the conflict: 350,000 deaths, a country bled dry and over half the Syrian population in exile or internally displaced.

MdM press releases // 12 Jan, 2018

Syria NORTH-WESTERN SYRIA: Médecins du Monde condemns the bombing and targeting of healthcare facilities

Since the end of 2017, Médecins du Monde – Doctors of the World (MdM) has faced a deteriorating situation in Idlib and Hama Governorates in north-western Syria.

MdM press releases // 27 Nov, 2017

Syria Relentless airstrikes continue to deprive civilians of access to medical care

Amid the intense diplomatic activity over the Syrian crisis, Médecins du Monde (MdM) points out that the war is far from over and the humanitarian situation remains extremely critical…

MdM press releases // 10 Oct, 2017

World Mental Health day: Mental health must be a priority in the context of the Syrian Crisis.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Médecins du Monde (MdM) emphasizes that mental healthcare must be a priority in crisis settings as we can experience in the context of the Syrian crisis. The ongoing Syrian conflict is resulting in enormous psychosocial consequences on millions of civilians, and moreover, is likely to spread over […]

MdM press releases // 06 Jul, 2017

Give access to healthcare and respect humanitarian law!

(Paris, July 4th 2017) To the occasion of the international meetings on the Syrian crisis in Astana (July 4th and 5th), in Hamburg (G20 on July 7th and 8th) and in Geneva (July 10th), Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) warns about the extent of the humanitarian crisis, the growing needs and […]

MdM press releases // 20 Dec, 2016


SYRIA: VIOLENCE AGAINST HEALTHCARE, A DISMAL RECORD The worst year. Despite a new UN resolution strongly condemning attack against medical units and personnel, deliberated attacks against hospitals, doctors, and patients in Syria have reached an unprecedented level in 2016. Breaches of International Humanitarian Law have become commonplace, and impunity the norm. ANOTHER YEAR OF CONTINUOUS […]

MdM press releases // 22 Nov, 2016

Syria: No hospital left in eastern Aleppo. Medical evacuation not allowed

All hospitals in eastern Aleppo are out of service after days of continuous air strikes. 250,000 people are deprived from life-saving care, and yet medical evacuation is not allowed.   Earlier in October, parties to the conflict failed to agree on how the medical evacuation from east Aleppo should proceed. As the situation deteriorated, UN […]

MdM press releases // 08 Sep, 2016

Medecins du Monde evacuates its staff and temporarily suspends its activities

(Paris, Tuesday 6 September 2016) Medecins du Monde is forced to evacuate its staff from Sana’a in Yemen. The country is currently facing an intensification of the coalition bombardments and a surge in violence. Medecins du Monde is calling for an immediate ceasefire to facilitate the deployment of aid and respond to the dire humanitarian […]

MdM press releases // 04 Aug, 2016


Unacceptable! A hospital supported by Medecins du Monde, located in southern Syria, in the Governorate of Dera’a, was bombed on Sunday July 31st. Medecins du Monde reiterates its call to stop the attacks targeting the health infrastructures and to put an end to the unacceptable escalation of violence. The Medecins du Monde team working in […]

MdM press releases // 02 Aug, 2016

Doctors of the World raises the alarm about the hundreds of thousands of besieged civilians in Aleppo

(Paris, 28 July 2016) The situation in the Governorates of Aleppo and Idlib has very much deteriorated in a few weeks. Doctors of the World can see the dramatic impact on the civilian population that is being held hostage.   The healthcare facilities continue to be under regular attack. Over a period of a week, […]

MdM press releases // 15 Jun, 2016

Palestine: settlement and occupation, living with everyday violence

As France prepares for an international conference on reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Doctors of the World is deeply concerned about the psychosocial impact of violence related to the occupation and settlement in Palestine. The organisation condemns the surge in attacks that violate not only the rights of Palestinians but also international law. Present in […]

MdM press releases // 16 May, 2016

SYRIA: the urgent need for a permanent truce

While the truces and attempts at resuscitation of a moribund peace process multiply, civilians continue to bear the brunt of the Syrian conflict and humanitarian operations remain dangerous. Médecins du Monde asks for a lasting truce to facilitate humanitarian work and protect populations. Thursday, May 5th, a bombing of an internally displaced population’s camp nearby […]