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April 12, 2017 Mental health and psychosocial impacts of occupation-related violence in Palestine

Médecins du Monde France (MdM) has been working in Palestine since 1996, and is currently focusing its activities in North West Bank on psychosocial programs aiming at preventing and limiting the psychosocial impacts of occupation related violence on Palestinian communities

April 3, 2017 Whole-of-Syria health cluster briefing

As the Syria crisis has entered its seventh year, health needs across the country have never been so acute. The lack of availability and access to health care services inside Syria has led to unnecessary suffering and many preventable deaths.

March 29, 2017 Syria Regional Crisis- Health Access Monitor – March 2017

The Syria Regional Crisis Health Access Monitor is a Médecins du Monde quarterly publication that provides insight on the main barriers that prevent populations from accessing healthcare services inside Syria and in the neighbouring countries (Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey). Read

February 1, 2017 Making the case for strategic resettlement from Lebanon

As part of a comprehensive approach to the refugee crisis in Lebanon, alongside ongoing humanitarian support, increased development investment and job creation initiatives, and calling for necessary domestic policy changes with respect to refugee residency and access to livelihood opportunities

January 24, 2017 “Stand and Deliver”

On 4 February 2016, the international community agreed on a ‘comprehensive new approach’ to address the protracted Syria crisis at the “Supporting Syria and the Region” Conference in London. Donors, and neighbouring countries, which host the vast majority of those

January 17, 2017 Access restricted areas in Gaza – Civilians at risks

Since 2014, MdM – France is working alongside gazans farmers and fishermen in the access restricted areas, where shootings regularly put life of civilians at risk and continuously infringe human rights and international law. Read more>LEALET-PALESTINE-HD-PAGES


SYRIA: VIOLENCE AGAINST HEALTHCARE, A DISMAL RECORD The worst year. Despite a new UN resolution strongly condemning attack against medical units and personnel, deliberated attacks against hospitals, doctors, and patients in Syria have reached an unprecedented level in 2016. Breaches

December 4, 2016 Uniting for Peace in Syria: Global Civil Society Appeal to UN Member States

The UN Security Council has failed Syrians. In almost six years of conflict, close to half a million people have been killed and eleven million have been forced to leave their homes. Most recently, the Syrian and Russian governments and

November 22, 2016 No hospital left in eastern Aleppo. Medical evacuation not allowed

All hospitals in eastern Aleppo are out of service after days of continuous air strikes. 250,000 people are deprived from life-saving care, and yet medical evacuation is not allowed.   Earlier in October, parties to the conflict failed to agree

May 31, 2016 FACTSHEET – Settler violence: An armed wing of settlement expansion in the occupied palestinian territory

Settlers’ assaults against Palestinian communities take a variety of forms from intimidation to physical assault, stone throwing or destruction of property, trees, or crops. They tend to be repetitive, leading to a constant harassment of Palestinian communities or targeted houses.

February 20, 2016 Syria: one person dead in a bombing of Médecins du Monde hospital on Monday 15 February 2016.

Paris, France, Article from the press agency AFP A Médecins du Monde - MdM hospital was bombed on Monday in Syria, killing a nurse, said the NGO’s chairwoman based in Paris to the AFP, who asks to “make the medical care

July 18, 2014 Silent Crisis: the hidden threat of mental illness among Syria’s refugees

Words and pictures by Nick Rice Losing a home is more than a spatial separation; the emotional wrench can result in severe psychological consequences. The war in Syria has killed more than 150,000 people in three years and 40 per

May 30, 2014 The Guardian – ‘We left when the bullets were falling like rain’ – Syrian refugees’ illustrated stories

Article written by George Butler, a reportage illustrator, who tours around the world and paints evocative life stories. This article was published in the Guardian on the 27th of May,2014. Earlier this year, artist George Butler spent several days in the refugees’

September 5, 2013 U.S. News – Another Casualty of Syria’s War: Its Medical System

The once prosperous nation is facing a health care crisis   By Ron Waldman, President of the Board of Directors of MdM-USA, Professor of Global Health at George Washington University President and one of the signatories of the open letter

April 28, 2013 AMMONNEWS – MdM opens 2nd Primary Health Care Centre in Zaatari Refugee Camp

In response to the rising number of Syrian refugees living in Zaatari camp, Médecins du Monde (MdM) is opening a second Primary Health Care centre in Zaatari camp on Monday 29th April 2013. The health centre’s opening is an important

March 13, 2017 AIDA – Media Release : Khan El Ahmar

A Palestinian Bedouin community is at imminent risk of forcible transfer, a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, if the Israeli government acts on military orders to demolish an entire village in the Occupied West Bank, as early as

September 8, 2016 YEMEN: Medecins du Monde evacuates its staff and temporarily suspends its activities

(Paris, Tuesday 6 September 2016) Medecins du Monde is forced to evacuate its staff from Sana’a in Yemen. The country is currently facing an intensification of the coalition bombardments and a surge in violence. Medecins du Monde is calling for

August 4, 2016 Unacceptable!

Unacceptable! A hospital supported by Medecins du Monde, located in southern Syria, in the Governorate of Dera’a, was bombed on Sunday July 31st. Medecins du Monde reiterates its call to stop the attacks targeting the health infrastructures and to put

August 2, 2016 SYRIA: Doctors of the World raises the alarm about the hundreds of thousands of besieged civilians in Aleppo

(Paris, 28 July 2016) The situation in the Governorates of Aleppo and Idlib has very much deteriorated in a few weeks. Doctors of the World can see the dramatic impact on the civilian population that is being held hostage.  


Two years after the Israeli military operation on Gaza in the summer of 2014, which claimed the lives of almost 1,500 Palestinians, the debris remain visible in the strip. The reconstruction of the infrastructure, medical infrastructure in particular, and the

June 22, 2016 The European Union ignores the basic needs of thousands of people

The 20th June is a symbolic day dedicated to all refugees and in the context of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, it reminds us that the international humanitarian law and asylum law are violated every day in Europe. Doctors of the World ‐ Médecins du Monde (MdM) is a French humanitarian and public interest organization, which works in the field of international solidarity and has been helping refugees for nearly 40 years. Today, MdM is alarmed by their situation of extreme vulnerability in their countries of origin, the host countries and on the migration routes, especially in Greece which is  a country of transit for hundreds of thousands of them. Since the agreement between the European Union and Turkey came into force, 50,000 refugees have been blocked in Greece and survive in poor conditions. In the face of this crisis, all MdM European network members have got into action and strengthened their healthcare teams. MdM works today in 28 different places in Greece and intervenes directly in camps or through mobile clinics. We provide hundreds of medical and psychological consultations every day. In 2015, more than 30,000 consultations took place in Lesbos and Chios and 14,000 in Idomeni. We attended in priority to the ever‐increasing number of the most vulnerable people, such as pregnant women, children, injured people and people with a chronical condition. In order to meet the basic needs of these persons, we also conducted a survey of these refugees, who mainly come from Syria. 86% of respondents declared that they had been victims of violence in their country of origin and/or during their migration. The youngest fled to avoid forced military recruitment; unprotected women alone with their children try to join their family already settled in Europe. In Turkey, which is a country of transit, some of them were forced to pay $500 to get into a refugee camp. Among those who managed to find a job, the vast majority is paid 30% less than a Turkish worker.  We were also told about many acts of violence committed by the Turkish police. All these traumatic experiences have dramatic consequences for these people. The mental and physical health of the persons who managed to reach the European Union via Greece and survived crossing the 10 kilometers between Greece and Turkey, is extremely poor.  Only 14% of them declare to be in good health while more than ¾  of the refugees received in our facilities say that they suffer from psychological distress. Those who stay in Greece are confined to open‐air camps and have huge medical needs. In this context, we will continue to denounce the agreement between the EU and Turkey, which violates the asylum law and the Geneva conventions. Today, refugees take more risks to reach the Fortress Europe and the death toll is unacceptable. We reaffirm the pressing need to open safe and legal routes for all these people, with the option to seek asylum in the country of their choice. The  European Union must respect the fundamental rights of refugees and ensure specific protection for  women and children—who now make up the majority of migrants/refugees.  

June 15, 2016 PALESTINE Settlement and occupation: living with everyday violence

As France prepares for an international conference on reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Doctors of the World is deeply concerned about the psychosocial impact of violence related to the occupation and settlement in Palestine. The organisation condemns the surge in

May 16, 2016 SYRIA: the urgent need for a permanent truce

While the truces and attempts at resuscitation of a moribund peace process multiply, civilians continue to bear the brunt of the Syrian conflict and humanitarian operations remain dangerous. Médecins du Monde asks for a lasting truce to facilitate humanitarian work


A structure supported by Médecins du Monde was destroyed. Despite the cessation of hostilities proclaimed in February 27, 2016, bombing and fighting has intensified since the beginning of April in the governorates of Idlib and Aleppo. Médecins du Monde  (MdM) denounces

March 15, 2016 FIVE YEARS OF THE CONFLICT IN SYRIA: Internal chaos and external trauma

Since 15 March 2011, the civil war in Syria has caused the deaths of 250,000 people, with one and a half million injured. It has led to the internal displacement of seven million people and driven five million refugees to
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