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March 19, 2018 Symbolic action for Syria – March 2018

On March 19th 2018, MdM France and the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) joined forces to show their support to health professionals in Syria. A photo operation was organized in Place de la République in Paris. Today,

January 29, 2018 Lebanon: Voices from the field: Noelle Jouan

Noelle is the mental health manager of the Lebanon Mission, and has been with MdM for almost five years. She started off as a psychologist in the field, working with Syrian Refugees in the Bekaa. Here, she relates her experience

December 15, 2017 Syrian Crisis: Mental Health & Psycho-social Support (MHPSS) Research

In Lebanon, the Department of Psychology at the American University of Beirut in collaboration with Medecins du Monde-France, are organizing a one day forum on the 18th of December, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on “Research on Mental

November 24, 2017 Lebanon: Nada

Nada was fond of orange blossom and green fields… She dreamed to learn piano, she loved the way the music notes could speak to a person’s soul… She believed in another version of reality, a reality far from the sound

November 16, 2017 Palestine: Factsheet: Mental health and psychosocial impacts of occupation-related violence

“Mental health and psychosocial impacts of occupation-related violence in Palestine”. November 2017 This document relies on MdM experience in Mental Health since 2005 in Palestine, by leading emergency and long-term programs in both West Bank and Gaza Strip. These projects aim

November 14, 2017 Lebanon: “Let’s talk about Mental Health!”

This year 2017, Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary. As part of the celebration, the Canadian Embassy organized a Winter Festival in Lebanon. It was a unique opportunity to commemorate Canada but also to celebrate the Canada-Lebanon relationship and share and

November 8, 2017 Lebanon: Mental health and Psychosocial support services

Medecins du Monde is an international non-governmental organization providing comprehensive health services to vulnerable populations in over 60 countries. As a leading health actor in the humanitarian field, MdM recognizes the necessity of integrating mental health and psychosocial support services

November 6, 2017 Syria: Civilians in the line of fire, Syria INGO Regional Forum warns against a false sense of safety

Thousands of Syrians are still being killed, wounded, displaced, and besieged every day as the war rages on and help is not reaching people in need, the Syria INGO Regional Forum said today. The member organizations warned against a narrative

October 30, 2017 Turkey: Voices from the field

In Turkey, due to the difficulty to get a legal status, economic problems, language and cultural barriers, certain Syrian refugees face difficulties in accessing health facilities and other public services. In order to improve access to the relevant services, and

August 15, 2017 Palestine: Factsheet, Access to sexual and reproductive health – a human right at risk

Access to sexual and reproductive health, that includes access to family planning, is one of the thematic priority of Médecins du Monde France (MdM). Since 2013, MdM is conducting a program on sexual and reproductive health in Gaza to improve

February 20, 2016 Syria: one person dead in a bombing of Médecins du Monde hospital on Monday 15 February 2016.

Paris, France, Article from the press agency AFP A Médecins du Monde – MdM hospital was bombed on Monday in Syria, killing a nurse, said the NGO’s chairwoman based in Paris to the AFP, who asks to “make the medical care

July 18, 2014 Silent Crisis: the hidden threat of mental illness among Syria’s refugees

Words and pictures by Nick Rice Losing a home is more than a spatial separation; the emotional wrench can result in severe psychological consequences. The war in Syria has killed more than 150,000 people in three years and 40 per

May 30, 2014 The Guardian – ‘We left when the bullets were falling like rain’ – Syrian refugees’ illustrated stories

Article written by George Butler, a reportage illustrator, who tours around the world and paints evocative life stories. This article was published in the Guardian on the 27th of May,2014. Earlier this year, artist George Butler spent several days in the refugees’

September 5, 2013 U.S. News – Another Casualty of Syria’s War: Its Medical System

The once prosperous nation is facing a health care crisis   By Ron Waldman, President of the Board of Directors of MdM-USA, Professor of Global Health at George Washington University President and one of the signatories of the open letter

April 28, 2013 AMMONNEWS – MdM opens 2nd Primary Health Care Centre in Zaatari Refugee Camp

In response to the rising number of Syrian refugees living in Zaatari camp, Médecins du Monde (MdM) is opening a second Primary Health Care centre in Zaatari camp on Monday 29th April 2013. The health centre’s opening is an important

March 16, 2018 Palestine: Coalition of 70+ INGO calls for an end to the occupation

A new report from The Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), a coalition of more than 70 INGOs working in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), documents the grim reality of life under occupation. The report, 50 Years of Occupation: Dispossession,

March 14, 2018 Syrian Crisis: Seven years of impunity

This year 15 March marks seven years of war in Syria: the parties to the conflict, together with their allies, are killing with complete impunity, while the international community flounders impotently.  So much has already been said about the scale

February 22, 2018 Medical and Humanitarian organizations use three billboards to call on UN to stop violence in Syria

A coalition of medical and humanitarian organizations, some working inside besieged Eastern Ghouta, have urged the United Nations Security Council to vote for an immediate cessation of hostilities to allow urgent humanitarian assistance to all areas in need in Syria.

January 12, 2018 North-Western Syria: Médecins du Monde condemns the bombing and targeting of healthcare facilities

Since the end of 2017, Médecins du Monde – Doctors of the World (MdM) has faced a deteriorating situation in Idlib and Hama Governorates in north-western Syria. Although the ongoing diplomatic negotiations imply that the war is over, continued bombing is

December 19, 2017 Syria: NGOs call for a de-escalation of violence and an increase in access in Eastern Ghouta

A group of leading NGOs expresses grave concern about the plight of civilians in Eastern Ghouta, where violence has escalated in recent weeks, and Syrians are experiencing a severe lack of food, medical, and other supplies. We are calling on

November 27, 2017 Syrian Crisis: Relentless airstrikes continue to deprive civilians of access to medical care

Amid the intense diplomatic activity over the Syrian crisis, Médecins du Monde (MdM) points out that the war is far from over and the humanitarian situation remains extremely critical, with thousands of people still being trapped, killed or wounded and

October 10, 2017 Syrian Crisis: World Mental Health day: Mental health must be a priority in the context of the Syrian Crisis.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Médecins du Monde (MdM) emphasizes that mental healthcare must be a priority in crisis settings as we can experience in the context of the Syrian crisis. The ongoing Syrian conflict is resulting

July 6, 2017 Syrian Crisis: Give access to healthcare and respect humanitarian law!

(Paris, July 4th 2017) To the occasion of the international meetings on the Syrian crisis in Astana (July 4th and 5th), in Hamburg (G20 on July 7th and 8th) and in Geneva (July 10th), Doctors of the World – Médecins

March 13, 2017 Palestine: AIDA, Media Release : Khan El Ahmar

A Palestinian Bedouin community is at imminent risk of forcible transfer, a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, if the Israeli government acts on military orders to demolish an entire village in the Occupied West Bank, as early as

December 20, 2016 Syria: Violence against healthcare a dismal record

SYRIA: VIOLENCE AGAINST HEALTHCARE, A DISMAL RECORD The worst year. Despite a new UN resolution strongly condemning attack against medical units and personnel, deliberated attacks against hospitals, doctors, and patients in Syria have reached an unprecedented level in 2016. Breaches