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Publications // 09 Oct, 2018

Regional World Mental Health Day: An invisible crisis prevails in Syria and Iraq

Médecins du Monde (MdM) releases a booklet to mark World Mental Health Day (October 10th) in order to shed light on the important mental health and psychosocial needs of people who have been plagued by the protracted Syrian and Iraqi crises. This publication calls upon international and regional decision-makers to consider a response to mental health needs as a priority.

Publications // 16 Sep, 2018

Palestine Time for a new narrative: 25 years after the Oslo Accords

A report published by a coalition of 80+ NGOs explains how the peace process can get on track with six key principles.

Publications // 13 Sep, 2018

Syria-Iraq Crisis Unit Newsletter July-August

MdM Regional Office newsletter (July– August): country missions ‘activities; latest context’s developments, etc. Bear in mind that you can get updated information on our social networks.

Publications // 05 Jul, 2018

Humanitarian Exchange Magazine | MdM contribution on mental health

Médecins du Monde (MdM) contributed to the 72nd edition of Humanitarian Exchange magazine, issued in July 2018 with a special focus on mental health and psychosocial support in humanitarian crises. Joining their efforts, Marie Darmayan and Dia Abou Mosleh, mental health Coordinators from both MdM Iraq and Lebanon missions, wrote a joint article entitled: “Supporting […]

Publications // 19 Apr, 2018

Regional Booklet : “Syria/Iraq Crises 2017”

Check out MdM regional booklet “Syria/Iraq Crises 2017” that illustrates the activities led by  the different missions in 2017 (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey) : “Syria/Iraq Crises 2017”

Publications // 16 Nov, 2017

Palestine Mental health and psychosocial impacts of occupation-related violence in Palestine.

“Mental health and psychosocial impacts of occupation-related violence in Palestine”. November 2017 This document relies on MdM experience in Mental Health since 2005 in Palestine, by leading emergency and long-term programs in both West Bank and Gaza Strip. These projects aim at preventing and limiting psychosocial consequences following excessive use of force from the Israeli military […]

Publications // 08 Nov, 2017

Mental health and Psychosocial support services in Lebanon

Medecins du Monde is an international non-governmental organization providing comprehensive health services to vulnerable populations in over 60 countries. As a leading health actor in the humanitarian field, MdM recognizes the necessity of integrating mental health and psychosocial support services (MHPSS) as a vital component within its health delivery services. Since 2012, MdM in Lebanon, […]

Publications // 15 Aug, 2017

Access to sexual and reproductive health – a human right at risk

Access to sexual and reproductive health, that includes access to family planning, is one of the thematic priority of Médecins du Monde France (MdM). Since 2013, MdM is conducting a program on sexual and reproductive health in Gaza to improve access to quality service for family planning and reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy for […]

Publications // 12 Apr, 2017

Mental health and psychosocial impacts of occupation-related violence in Palestine

Médecins du Monde France (MdM) has been working in Palestine since 1996, and is currently focusing its activities in North West Bank on psychosocial programs aiming at preventing and limiting the psychosocial impacts of occupation related violence on Palestinian communities within Nablus, Qalqilya, Salfit and North Jordan Valley in Tubas governorates. Read more >MdM_MHPSS Eng

Publications // 29 Mar, 2017

Syria Regional Crisis- Health Access Monitor – March 2017

The Syria Regional Crisis Health Access Monitor is a Médecins du Monde quarterly publication that provides insight on the main barriers that prevent populations from accessing healthcare services inside Syria and in the neighbouring countries (Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey). Read here Health Access Monitor – Syria Regional Crisis_March

Publications // 31 May, 2016

FACTSHEET – Settler violence: An armed wing of settlement expansion in the occupied palestinian territory

Settlers’ assaults against Palestinian communities take a variety of forms from intimidation to physical assault, stone throwing or destruction  of property, trees, or crops. They tend to be repetitive, leading to a constant harassment of Palestinian communities or targeted houses. Some of them known as “price tag attacks” are more punctual and respond to actions […]

Publications // 05 Apr, 2016

Palestine Fact sheet- Destroying mental health?

A wave of demolitions in the first months of 2016 Since the beginning of January, the intensity of demolitions and displacement of Palestinians in the West Bank have reached the highest levels in seven years. Between 1 January and 15 March 2016, 378 Palestinian homes and structures were demolished by the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA), […]