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MdM voices its positions and recommendations through press releases that you can find in this section. We also can sign joint statements (other press releases). You can also read the testimonies from the field or from MdM staff.

MdM press releases // 30 Apr, 2014

Syria: MdM outraged by the deadly bombing on Qah village

On Sunday 27th April, an airstrike on the Syrian village of Qah in the Idlib region hit a school. Three people died (including two children) and eleven others were injured. Injured people have been treated in the closest hospitals. Some of these facilities are supported by MdM. One of MdM warehouses was also hit and […]

MdM press releases // 25 Apr, 2014

Patients potentially exposed to chemical agents arriving in Syrian hospitals is worrying MdM.

Since Monday 21st April, one of the Syrian hospitals supported by MdM in Idlib near the Syrian-Turkish border has received nine patients presenting symptoms which could be a result of exposure to chlorine gas. According to a Syrian medical organization, which manages the hospital, which is an MdM partner, the patients presented with acute respiratory […]

MdM press releases // 03 Apr, 2014

Médecins du Monde and the Ministry of Health of Palestine commit to improving mental health care for Nablus governorate’s children and teenagers

On April 2nd 2014, MdM and the Ministry of Health of Palestine signed on to a project aimed at improving mental health care for children and adolescents in Nablus governorate. Over three years, MdM – through its Swiss and French sections – and the Palestinian Counseling Centre will build the capacities of health centers, schools […]

MdM press releases // 15 Mar, 2014

Syria: three years of war and horror. Three years too long.

MdM has been working in Syria since the start of the conflict, both inside the country and at its borders. We have seen for ourselves that the situation is worsening and that a “red line” has long been crossed. Airstrikes on hospitals, violence against medical staff who assist the wounded, medical centres being used as […]

MdM press releases // 08 Mar, 2014

International Women’s Day 2014 – Lebanon: It is essential to improve vulnerable women’s access to safe delivery and family planning

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2014, Amel Association and MdM point out that women living in Lebanon are not equal in their access to safe delivery and family planning. In 2004, according to the last official report available, most births were attended by skilled medical staff and were taking place at the hospital. […]

Joint press releases // 22 Feb, 2014

UN resolution on Syria must be rapidly implemented: lift sieges, open borders to aid, protect civilians

  Humanitarian, Human Rights and Peace Groups welcome unanimous Security Council Resolution demanding unhindered humanitarian access across conflict lines and borders, urge swift implementation A coalition of 17 international Humanitarian, Human Rights and Peace Groups welcome today’s unanimous Security Council resolution demanding safe and unhindered humanitarian access – including across conflict lines and across borders […]

Joint press releases // 10 Feb, 2014

Open letter to the UN Security Council appealing for Resolution on aid for starving Syrians

As the Olympic Games open in Sochi, humanitarian, human rights and peace groups demand the right of access to besieged communities in Syria.  To the Foreign Ministers of UN Security Council Member States: As the world comes together in Sochi to open the Olympic Games, Syrians are living under siege. In the spirit of the […]

MdM press releases // 03 Feb, 2014

Palestine: Amid violence and uncertainty, create a safe space for children to express their feelings

Médecins du Monde resumes its psychosocial activities in six schools of Nablus governorate. As the second semester of the school year starts, Médecins du Monde-France (MdM) resumes its psychosocial activities for children ages 6-12 in the schools of As-Sawya, Duma and Al-Luban Ash-Sharqiya, Nablus governorate, in partnership with the Ministry of Education through the School […]

MdM press releases // 31 Dec, 2013

Aleppo hospitals overwhelmed by a flood of injured people after air attacks against the population

Air strikes dropped barrels of explosives on the city of Aleppo and its province, resulting in numerous deaths within the civilian population. MdM, which supports seven medical networks inside the country, is one of the rare international medical NGOs providing a humanitarian assistance in Syria. For the last 15 days, a deadly offensive, led by […]

// 19 Dec, 2013

Displaced Syrians and refugees plunged into despair as winter hits the Middle East

Tents blown away, flooded buildings, snow-covered settlements, muddy swamps: harsh winter conditions have come without warning this year in the Middle East and plunged displaced Syrians and refugees into severe hardship. Syria is the worst hit with its 6.5 million displaced people.  A lot of them live in makeshift camps or tents which are in […]

Testimonies // 16 Dec, 2013

Mareeam: Syrian, pharmacist, mother

Once a young pharmacist based in Damascus, Mareeam has been working with MdM teams in Northern Syria for more than a year now. Just like most of her Syrian colleagues, working for MdM is her way of fighting against the unprecedented crisis that is affecting her country hoping this can alleviate some of the suffering […]

Events // 19 Nov, 2013

World Mental Health Day in Nablus, Palestine

A piece of chocolate and a short message: “Wishing you a better mental health”. This is how MdM teams chose to mark this year’s World Mental Health Day (10th October) in the primary healthcare centres and schools of 33 villages of the Nablus region, Palestine. For the third consecutive year, MdM took World Mental Health […]