MdM Worldwide

Médecins du Monde works on all 5 continents in different contexts (internal violence zones, conflict areas, medical deserts, natural disasters, etc.) and around 4 priority themes (health and migrants, sexual and reproductive health, AIDS and harm reduction, crisis and conflict).  MdM carries out project through its network’s 14 organisations worldwide.


MdM in Haïti © Remi Courgeon

MdM in Haïti © Remi Courgeon


Médecins du Monde carries out humanitarian actions across many geographical areas: Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. In 2012 MdM ran:

67 humanitarian programmes in 46 countries

Some 1,730,315 beneficiaries

Emergency missions
Médecins du Monde provides rapid aid to the people on the ground following natural disasters, epidemics or conflicts.

Long-term missions
Once the emergency handled, work continues to help reconstruct the country. Training of medical teams and hand in hand work with local partners guarantee long-term project monitoring.


Care for migrants and displaced populations
Poverty, discrimination, violence, conflict, lead to population displacement and scarce access to healthcare. Mali, Pakistan, Russia…

Promotion of sexual and reproductive health
Every minute a woman, somewhere in the world, dies while giving birth or during her pregnancy following lack of appropriate care. Nepal, Nigeria, Uruguay…

Fighting HIV and promoting risk reduction
Linked to lifestyle (street, prison) or environmental factors. Madagascar…
Preventing risk behaviour (drug users, sex workers) and treatment. Afghanistan, Serbia…

Crisis and conflicts
Natural disasters, answer to conflict induced emergencies. Haiti, Ivory Coast, Libya…

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