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Syria: one person dead in a bombing of Médecins du Monde hospital on Monday 15 February 2016.

February 20, 2016

Paris, France, Article from the press agency AFP

A Médecins du Monde – MdM hospital was bombed on Monday in Syria, killing a nurse, said the NGO’s chairwoman based in Paris to the AFP, who asks to “make the medical care areas sacred” echoing the call of Doctors without Borders.

“We have a hospital at Maarat al-nouman” between Alepo and Lattaquieh in Idlib disctrict which was partially bombed but still works. One person has died, a nurse”, explains Françoise Sivignon, chairwoman of MdM.

On Monday, a shelling that targeted a Hospital backed by Doctors without Borders in the same North Western region of Syria caused the death of 25 people according to a new assessment by Doctors without Borders.

Mrs. Sivignon who’s a doctor as well, is outraged by “the systematic targeting of the care structures”, adding that the NGO’s partners in Syria “are systematically hit as well”.

Another NGO, Doctors without Borders, indicated in a report published on Thursday that in 2015, 63 structures which it backs were hit by air raids and rocket attacks. According to the document, these raids and attacks lead to the total destruction of 12 of them and 81 members of the medical staff were either killed or wounded.

“After 5 years of war in Syria, the sanitary infrastructures are destroyed” notes the non-governmental organization which calls for an independent investigation.

There is no access to the most vulnerable populations, we cannot do our job, our partners cannot do their job and people need to move more and more to seek treatment, “also notes the chairwoman of Médecins du Monde, adding that she is “very very worried”.

The conflict in Syria caused a total of 260,000 deaths and forced millions to flee the country.

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