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Syria: “Stand and Deliver”

January 24, 2017

On 4 February 2016, the international community agreed on a ‘comprehensive new

approach’ to address the protracted Syria crisis at the “Supporting Syria and the

Region” Conference in London. Donors, and neighbouring countries, which host

the vast majority of those who have fled Syria, committed to significant financial

pledges and policy changes to improve the lives of refugees and host communities.


Important steps have been taken to improve the provision of education and

livelihoods in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Donors have performed well in

terms of aid disbursed and committed for the current financial year, and some

host governments have made significant policy changes. Much more remains

unaccomplished, however. Without technical assistance and further efforts to

implement the wide-reaching policy framework agreed in London, there is a

risk that the funding disbursed will fail to have a measurable and sustainable

impact on people’s lives. Importantly, a continued lack of legal status and documentation

means many refugees cannot access work and basic services, including health. Moreover,

the conflict in Syria continues unabated and without a tangible increase in

international support for Syria’s neighbours, including by sharing the responsibility

for hosting refugees more equitably.

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