MdM Working Methods

Respond to emergencies, ensure long-lasting effectiveness

MdM is conducting emergency missions as well as long-term programmes. It is often thanks to its prior presence in the field, through long-term projects that MdM can respond quickly to the consequences of natural disasters, conflicts and humanitarian crises to save lives.

After the emergency phase MdM stays in the field to participate in the reconstruction of the country. MdM helps local communities to restore their health care system by rebuilding clinics and hospitals, providing medical supplies, training medical teams and empowering local partners.

On the longer term, MdM aims to bring lasting and sustainable solutions by tackling the effects of poverty and exclusion from health care. Therefore, MdM supports local health systems, promotes health education and encourages the transfer of skills and competencies.

MdM works in emergency and development contexts through:

  • Supporting national health systems
  • Strengthening local medical teams
  • Building strong partnerships with local NGOs
  • Bringing health services closer to communities
  • Taking into account cultural diversity
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