MdM Core Principles

Respect for human dignity

MdM respects human dignity in all its projects and activities:

  • MdM ensures medical confidentiality;
  • MdM provides the patients with clear information before, during and after a treatment;
  • MdM requires the consent of the patient for each treatment;
  • MdM calls for the protection of all sick and injured people.


MdM is impartial and provides care to all people regardless of nationality, social status, religion, sex, ethnic origin or creed, care priorities are calculated on the basis of needs alone. MdM is committed to defend the right of impartial non-governmental relief organisations to give humanitarian assistance to victims without discrimination and whatever the circumstances are.  MdM is a signatory of the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief and of the European Charter of Humanitarian Aid.


MdM is independent and chooses its programmes and its working methods. In order to keep its independence, MdM always aims to diversify its sources of funding; around 60% of the organisation’s budget comes from private donations and 40% comes from public grants and funds. The cooperation with various partners on the ground, either governmental institutions or non-governmental organisations guarantees that MdM never depends on one single partner and remains free in the definition and implementation of its activities.
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